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Users Online Pro has it all. This script is for the serious webmaster who wishes to implement a method of website tracking that will return information they can use to enhance their site.


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price: $50 USD

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The display is completely configurable. Choose which information to log and which information to display on your website. You may wish to log all information, but not show how many page hits your site has received. You may wish to display how many users are on your site, but log unique hits and pageviews. Colours and order of tags is configurable.

Of particular interest is search engine tracking. Nominate which search engines you wish to track, and when they hit your site their movements will be logged to a seperate file. Log files are kept on each search engine showing which pages they crawled, the date of the crawl, date they last crawled that page, and how many times they have crawled that page. This information is invaluable to those who wish to see what the results of their search engine submissions are, and will let you know what pages aren't listed in a particular engine - allowing you to submit missing pages.

Users Online Pro uses a mysql database, which is more robust for higher traffic sites. Daily log files are kept in a flatfile database.

An extra script is included which can be used in conjunction with the Users Online Pro which monitors if a visitor still has your page open. The visitor does not need to change pages to track how long they have been on your site.

Users Online Pro comes with an installer which takes you through the setup process. All you need to do is create a database, upload your files, chmod installer.cgi and open it in a browser. A few pages later and the script has chmod the necessary files, set up your database tables and presents you with options for your script to run. These options don't need to be changed, you can continue with the default options if you wish. Settings can be changed through the administration section at any time.

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This script has the following features:

  1. view current users on your website.
  2. current page the user is on.
  3. how many pages the user has visited on your site.
  4. which pages they have visited.
  5. how long they have been idle for
  6. plays an audio alert when someone new enters your site.
  7. referral url of where they came from*.
  8. option to use the 'users online' etc tag on your webpages.
  9. can 'hide' the display on some pages, while still showing on others
  10. ip address of user.
  11. daily logs kept.
  12. total unique visitor count
  13. total pageview count
  14. log files show user 'sessions' for the day - pages visited/length of stay.
  15. administration section to view logged information.
  16. log files can be kept - or deleted at will.
  17. searchable log files - search individual files or all files.
  18. can get set to your time (using GMT time)
  19. can be run from a cgi/perl script - or non-parsed html pages**.
  20. can be used on external domains if cgi isn't available for that domain.
  21. can be integrated into Ikonboard - showing which page a visitor is on.
  22. Script can be used on multiple domains/subdomains within the same website/hosting account.
  23. daily unique visitor count
  24. daily pageview count
  25. view each day's unique/pageview count
  26. total hits tracked on each individual page
  27. daily hits tracked on each individual page
  28. view logs of daily individual page hits
  29. total referrer counts
  30. daily referrer counts
  31. 'true' 24 hour count, showing visitors over the last 24 hour time span
  32. choose which information to log, and which information to display on your webpage
  33. choose which order the information will be displayed in
  34. choose the font style of each individual line of information
  35. option to set the tag on your page in a table, with table options for configuration
  36. installer script
  37. search engine tracking shows search engine activity on your site
  38. Records of all search engine hits, including time of hit and pages visited
  39. Individual files kept on all search engines, showing which they crawled and date of crawl.
  40. Extra script included which 'keeps alive' the visitor connection.

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* not all browsers will carry the referrer information
** referrer information not logged when using an image tag.