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Users Online shows you how many visitors are on your website, and allows you to see where they are. The script includes a browser which refreshes as often as you set it, and lists everyone active on your site. You will hear an audio alert when someone enters your site.


price: $20 USD

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You can set how long you wish to class visitors as active - if they haven't refreshed/changed pages within this period of time, then you can consider them not active or they have left your site.

There is no administration section with Users Online. The script is geared towards those who are keen to see real-time what visitors on their site are doing.

This script has the following features:

  1. view current users on your website.
  2. current page the user is on.
  3. how many pages the user has visited on your site.
  4. which pages they have visited.
  5. plays an audio alert when someone new enters your site.
  6. if someone clicked a link to get to your site - referral url of where they came from.
  7. option to use the 'users online' tag on your webpages.
  8. can be used on non-parsed pages using an image tag. Specific url won't be displayed.
  9. ip address of user.
  10. Script can be used on multiple domains/subdomains within the same website/hosting account.

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