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Users Online Elite shows how many visitors are on your site, you can view where they are, and view log files through an administration section.


price: $35 USD

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The password-protected administration section contains log files of each day's activity - in the same readable format as the current visitor tracking page. This means you can check your logs days later, and see who's been on your site - and where they came from*. Each visitor session is logged with what pages were visited, time of visit and how long the visit lasted.

There is also a search feature which allows you to search each individual log file, or all logfiles. This is particularly handy when you wish to see how many times someone came from a certain url, visited a certain page - or how many times a search term was used. You could also see how many times a particular ip address accessed your site, which could be useful when trying to track down someone who is abusing your site. Search results list all visitors containing your search term.

You can set how long you wish to class visitors as active - if they haven't refreshed/changed pages within this period of time, then you can consider them not active or they have left your site.

This script has the following features:

  1. view current users on your website.
  2. view current users on your website.
  3. current page the user is on.
  4. time of hit
  5. hit times can be displayed in local time
  6. how many pages the user has visited on your site.
  7. which pages they have visited.
  8. plays an audio alert when someone new enters your site.
  9. referral url of where they came from*.
  10. option to use the 'users online' tag on your webpages.
  11. ip address of user.
  12. daily logs kept.
  13. total unique visitor count
  14. total pageview count
  15. log files show user 'sessions' for the day - pages visited/length of stay.
  16. admin login to view daily logs.
  17. log files can be kept - or deleted at will.
  18. searchable log files - see how many hits came from a certain url.
  19. unique visitors are counted and can be displayed on the page if you wish
  20. can be run from a cgi/perl script - or non-parsed html pages**.
  21. can be used on external domains if cgi isn't available for that domain.
  22. Script can be used on multiple domains/subdomains within the same website/hosting account.

Purchase Users Online Elite

* not all browsers will carry the referrer information
** referrer information not logged when using an image tag.